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Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning and sealing your driveways, paving and paths will help protect them from salt and control the moss and plant growth And the worst effects of ice. Your drive and paths were a substantial investment... and here at Bizzy Bee we value your investments like they are our own.

We carry out a cleaning service for both domestic and commercial clients and we are proud that it is environmentally friendly. It’s a chemical free high pressure water jet process.

We take pride in our competitive quotes, we only use professional quality equipment and promise a high quality job in the shortest time possible.

Meaning we can charge you less!

Carpet Cleaning

Our professional carpet cleaners are always equipped with the most advanced cleaning machines. These machines allow us to clean right down to the base of your carpets and extract the dirt and stains and leave your carpets clean and fresh.

One of the advantages with the Bizzy Bee carpet cleaning method is that the advanced cleaning machines leave behind a drier carpet because most of the water is extracted at high pressure. This means much shorter drying times!

We promise a quality service every time!

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Car Washing Price List

Standard 4x4 MPV's'
£7.00 £8.00

The Worker
(A Basic Wash & Rinse)

Wheels & sills jet washed, full hand wash all over, liquid wax applied, rinsed thoroughly. Not advisable on a dry day as streaks occur.

Standard 4x4 MPV's'
£8.50 £9.50

The Drone
(A Very Popular Wash)

Wheels & sills jet washed, full hand wash all over, liquid wax applied, then rinsed thoroughly. Whand dried and doors & sills wiped.

Standard 4x4 MPV's'
£10.00 £12.00

The Nectar
(Our Top Car Wash)

Drone wash plus exterior trim & tyres dressed with the latest protecting products that prevent tyre cracking and trim fade, usually caused by salt & sunlight. Free car freshner.

Standard 4x4 MPV's'
£25.00 £28.00

The Honeycomb

Nectar wash, plus interior windows & plastics cleaned, ash trays emptied and sanitised, all seats & carpets are vacuumed. This takes 30 - 40 mins and is well worth it. Free car freshner.

Standard 4x4 MPV's'
£35.00 £38.00

In The Honeypot

The honeycomb plus a full exterior hand wax using the finest protective products. This will protect your car and give it a long lasting shine that will maintain your paintwork! This takes 45 - 60 mins and is well worth it. Free car freshner.

Standard 4x4 MPV's'
£8.00 £10.00

The Nano Wax

Our latest wax containing Nano sized carnauba particles for effective protection, shine and durability. Applied while you wait after wash.

Standard 4x4 MPV's'
£2.00 £2.00

The Under Body

For just £2.00 extra on any wash we will give your vehicle an underbody jet wash, inside all the wheel arches around all the lower rims and sills to remove salt and grime.